[5 SURPRISE] Zuru 5 Surprise Pet Rescue Mystery Capsule Series 1 (Assorted Designs)

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Unwrap, peel and reveal  a pet to rescue with this 5 Surprise Pet Rescue Mystery Capsule.

Once you unbox the super cute puppy, find puppy sized accessories you can use to help the poorly dog to feel much better! Each puppy comes with an injry to heal usin the magic water bath, one healed convert it into a cute bath for your pet.

Product features

  • Includes 1 puppy, 1 reusable capsule, 2 accessories, 1 medical checklist, 1 sticker and collectors guide
  • With 8 different pups to collect (each sold separately), will you find the rare golden puppy? 
  • Dip your puppy in water to heal them 
  • Unbox accessories to help your puppy feel better 
  • Suitable for ages 3 years +