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[5 SURPRISE] Zuru 5 Surprise Newborn Unicorn Glow Squad Mystery Capsule Series 6 (Assorted Designs)

$7.90 Regular price $19.90

Unwrap, peel and reveal the all new glow squad newborn unicorn! Once you unbox your cute glow in the dark unicorn, the magic keeps flowing with all new convertible capsule turning into a bath or bassinet.

Assemble the bath, fill it with cold water and dip your unicorn in to reveal a color-changing surprise diaper. Once bath time is over dress them up in their glittery outfits!

There are 8 unicorns to collect including the rare glowing alien unicorn!

Product features:

  • Collect the glow up squad: There are 8 super cool glow in the dark unicorns to collect! Can you find the super rare glowing alien unicorn?
  • Magic colour change: Dip each unicorn in water and watch their diaper magically change colour!
  • Cool unicorn accessories: Unbox a bottle, blanker and even turn the capsule into a little crib or baby bath for your cute unicorn!
  • Unboxing surprise: Combing the excitement of unboxing multiple layers with the sassiest cutest unicorns!
  • Collect the range: Unbox more Newborn Unicorn capsules to complete your collection and fill out the collectors guide.
  • Suitable for ages 3 years +