[XSHOT] X-Shot Hawk Eye Dart Blaster by ZURU


Improve your aim with the XSHOT Excel Hawk Eye Blaster By Zuru!

The XSHOT Hawk Eye was recently updated to have a better range and more stylish shot. Hit your targets with precision thanks to the targeting scope at the top of the barrel. When you fire your blaster, the stock recoils back to your shoulder so you really feel like you’re in the centre of the battle.

Product features: 

  • The XSHOT Excel Hawk Eye comes with detachable scope and tactical grip handle to blast with precision.
  • Hit targets with accuracy from up to 27m / 90 feet away!
  • The Hawk Eye has a unique break and load mechanism to load a single dart. There is an additional 4 dart storage in the rear stock.
  • The XSHOT Excel Hawk Eye comes with 16 darts to keep you loaded all battle.