[TOY HUB] Suckersnapz Bands Fidget Toy (Assorted Color)

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The Suckersnapz Bands are the perfect fidget toy to occupy busy minds and fingers. Bend them, snap them, stick them there are lots of different ways to play with this sensory toy, with 20 suckers the Suckersnapz can stick to flat surfaces and give a satissfying popping sound when peeled away, wear it like a bracelet by sticking it to itself or bend it in half and create different shapes!

Product features: A fun fidget toy with 20 suckers that 'pop'

Great sensory toy for keeping your kids entertained. Fidget toys are great for improving hand co-ordination and for stress relief.

Approximate dimensions: 20 x 4 x 0.7 cm. Suitable for ages 3 years +.

This comes in different colours/styles. Although you can't choose, we'll make sure we pick a great one for you.