[STEFFI LOVE] Steffi Love Fully Flexible Sport Doll

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Now with 14 articulated joints, you can move and position Steffi as she bends and gets her workout on! Our popular Steffi dolls are of fantastic value, coming with a variety of detailed accessories and a sporty outfit to match. 

The Steffi Love Sport fashion doll is sure to provide hours of endless, imaginative playtime for your little one thanks to its selection of fun sporty accessories and moving joints. Whether she’s feeling zen at her weekly yoga class or going for a quick, refreshing jog around the park, there’s a lot of exciting fun to be had!

The Steffi Love Sport doll comes in a totally chic pink and blue workout outfit complete with a funky sports crop top, pink leggings and matching pink trainers. Always prepared, Steffi comes with her yoga mat and water bottle accessories. 

Product features: 

  • Steffi Love Sport Doll, 29cm tall
  • Fully articulated body with 14 moving joints Steffi comes in a super chic workout outfit; funky sports top, pink leggings and matching pink trainers
  • Accessorise playtime with Steffi’s yoga mat and water bottle
  • Mix and match Steffi accessories and outfits with other Steffi dolls for endless fun
  • Suitable for ages 4 years +