[SNUGGLE BUDDIES] Snuggle Buddies Endangered Animals Panda 30cm Soft Toy

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Cuddle up to Tao, the 32cm Panda toy from the Snuggle Buddies Endangered Animals range.

This super-soft panda is the perfect cuddle buddy. Tao has soft white and black fur with a smiley face and soft, embroidered eyes. Imagine you are trekking through the mountains of China or join your cuddly panda toy for dinner and feast on lots of bamboo – this is Tao’s favourite!

This cute Panda toy is the perfect way to learn more about the animal kingdom while developing an awareness of the endangered species on our planet.

Product features:

  • This toy has made using 100% recycled materials
  • Product dimensions: approx. 32cm (H)
  • Suitable from birth +