[PLAYGRO] Playgro Light Me Up Push And Go Musical Llama

Glow and go, go, go! Light Me Up Push and Go Musical Llama brings movement, lights, music and excitement to toddlers play time while providing several key foundations of STEAM learnings. Pushing down on the Llamas head propels the toy forward on wheels and with it engages a child's curiosity and wonder about cause, effect, action and reaction.

features & benefits
  • Imagination, role play: Technology & Arts
  • Discover sounds & lights: Technology
  • Develop motor skills: Engineering
  • Action & reaction: Science
  • Stimulate auditory responses: Arts
  • Develop communication skills: Arts
  • Colour, visual perception: Engineering & Arts

whats in the box
  • 1x Playgro Light Me Up Push And Go Musical Llama

While the physical act of generating the movement, following and retrieving the toy engages a toddlers gross motor skills, the flashing lights and musical sounds stimulate visual and auditory processes. An adorable character, Llama can enhance language and communications as they express their discoveries through play and is a great way to introduce young children to the concepts of animal origins and culture.