[PLAYGRO] Playgro 5 In 1 Safari Gym

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This ingenious flexible Playgym is designed to engage baby with multiple features, designed to entertain, engage and delight all of babys senses, in a whole new way. Introducing the 5 in 1 Safari Gym a Playmat, a tummy time mat, a Playgym or a Cot Mobile or Cot Toy side, all in one. Whether you decide to lay baby on their tummy, back, in or out of the cot, it is so simple to change from Playmat to Cot Mobile to Cot Side Toy and back again. The Safari 5 in 1 Gym has bright colourful and engaging safari animal characters, all with unique textures and features, ensuring baby is getting a work out, while being entertained for hours.

features & benefits
  • 5 modes: playgym, playmat, tummy time mat, cot mobile & cot side play
  • Built-in soft padded support pillow
  • Detachable hanging toys
  • Detachable toy arch
  • Dimensions: L 70 x W 47.5 x H 51.6 cm
  • Product weight: 0.47 kg

whats in the box
  • 1 x mat1 x toy arch3 x hanging toys

Play Gym

Lay and play in the safari. The 5 in 1 Safari Super Gym is a colorful & safe place for baby to rest or play. Simply attach the arms and all 3 hanging toys.

Play Mat

Sit and play in the safari. Simply remove the gym arms and the hanging toys for a another way to play. Comfy and soft for baby to sit or lay down - this mode is also great as baby grows out of the lay and play mode.

Tummy Time Mat

Tummy Time. It's time to strengthen those neck muscles. With a plush pillow for baby to lean on or be propped up with, it makes tummy time easy and comfortable. It's also great for when tummy time gets a little tough and they need a break.

Cot Mobile to Cot Side Toy

These 2 modes are perfect for the crib. Cot Mobile Mode enables you to attach the arm to the cot and be used like a mobile, to relax baby. The Cot Side Toy Mode is another way to attach the arm and hanging toys within baby's reach so they keep entertained as they gently drift off to a good night's sleep.

Large Activity Floor Play

Each baby moves through the developmental stages in their own time. Our range of Large Activity Floor Play items are designed to make each stage just a little bit easier. Our gyms and mats provide a safe place for baby to rest or play. Active play assists in developing muscle strength giving baby every opportunity to reach their developmental milestones. We aim to make tummy time as enjoyable as possible while baby starts to develop stronger neck, arm and back muscles. All our gyms provide visual and auditory stimulation too so baby is getting a proper work out!

care instructions
  • Mat - Remove toy arch and plastic parts before washing. Machine wash the mat in cold water. Air dry only. Do not dry clean. Do not bleach. Do not iron.

    Hanging toys and toy arch - Surface washable only. Do not immerse in water.