[NICK EXPERIMENTS] Nickelodeon Experimake Solar System

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Bring the wonders of space into your playroom with the Nickelodeon Experimake Swivelling Solar System.

Calling all astronomers! If you love space, you'll love creating your very own Swivelling Solar System. Use the paints provided to colour your planets, then follow the instructions to assemble your moving solar system. Whether you create a realistic solar system or imagine a brand new galaxy, we know you'll love experimenting with this intergalactic kit. With everything you need included in this brilliant STEM set, the Swivelling Solar System set let's you discover science in an easy way.

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What's in the box?

  • 8x plastic 3D planets & 1x star (the sun)
  • 7x acrylic paints (including glow in the dark paint)
  • 2x paintbrushes
  • Base
  • 8x rotating arms
  • 9x steel bars
  • Saturn's rings
  • 2x pieces of sand paper

Product features

Experimake: created by scientists, fun for kids. The perfect STEM gift for little learners

For ages 8 and over