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[NICKELODEON] Nickelodeon Experimake Sweet Scents and Perfumes

$19.90 Regular price $24.90

"Create fabulous scents for that special event with the Nickelodeon Experimake Sweet Scents and Perfumes Set.Follow the instructions and mix up the ingredients for sweet-smelling perfumes! Make personalised perfumes with lovely fragrances such as vanilla, apple and berry.That's not all, you can also create scented bath salts and perfumed flowers. Your nostrils will love this Experimake kit.Don't forget to collect the rest of the Nickelodeon Experimake range for even more fun.What's in the box?Protective glovesSea salt (100g)Liquid glycerine (15ml)Vanilla fragrance (3ml)Apple fragrance (3ml)Pink cosmetic colouring (3ml)Berry tea bagSpray bottleHeart-shaped flask3x filter paper sheetsLarge measuring cupSmall measuring cup3x pipettes5x wooden sticks3x wooden spatulas3x strawsProduct featuresExperimake: created by scientists, fun for kids. The perfect STEM gift for little learnersHeart shaped bottle dimensions: approx. 11cm (H) x 5.9cm (W) x 2.2cm (D)For ages 8 and over"