[LITTLE LOT] Little Lot Twist & TurnTumble Tower

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"It's always time for action with the Twist and Twirl Tumble Tower from the Little Lot range.This engaging activity toy is the perfect choice for a fun-filled playtime. Kids will love watching the balls tumble down the tower before starting all over again. They can try matching the balls to each level or racing the balls against each other.Playing with the tower encourages the development of fine motor skills, hand-to-eye coordination and teaching them about colours as they play. This easy-to-assemble playset measures 14cm high and comes with 4 brightly coloured balls included in the set.Product features:This product supports your child's development through: developing fine motor skills, hand to eye coordination, action and reaction and colour recognitionWhen you have finished with me, don’t throw me away. Pass me on, donate or gift me. Recycling toys helps to make a better world for everyoneFor ages 12 months and over"