[LITTLE LOT] Little Lot Musical Story Time TV

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Children can enjoy hours of entertainment with the Musical Story Time TV from the Little Lot range. Wind up the rotating dial to activate the colourful story. Watch the fun characters dance along the screen while listening to the tune that plays along. Great for at home or on the go playtime, the textured carry handle and lightweight, sturdy design allows for entertainment wherever you are.

By watching the bright and colourful story, you will inspire speech, imagination and simulate your child’s senses. Designed to develop their fine motor skills, this classic toy will provide endless hours of fun for your little one.

Product features

This product supports your child's development through: developing language and fine motor skills, imaginative play and sound recognition

When you have finished with me, don’t throw me away. Pass me on, donate or gift me. Recycling toys helps to make a better world for everyone

No batteries required

For ages 6 months and over