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[LITTLE LOT] Little Lot Bath Penguin Shower Toy

$20.00 Regular price $39.90

It’s time to liven up bath time with the Penguin Bath Shower Toy from the Little Lot Bath range!

Simply dip the bottom of the toy into the water while keeping the shower head above the surface, then press penguin’s orange, heart-shaped belly to watch the water pour out of the shower head at the top. Watch the water sprinkle down and splash back into the bath. Gently spray baby’s body to encourage water confidence

With a cute face and sweet smile, this Shower Toy is perfect for little ones who are a bit nervous about the water, introducing a fun and enjoyable addition to bath times.

Product features:

  • Set contains: 1x Penguin Bath Shower Toy
  • This product supports your child’s development through gentle and playful water fun
  • When you have finished with me, don’t throw me away. Pass me on, donate or gift me. Recycling toys helps to make a better world for everyone
  • Suitable for ages 12 months +