[GEOMAG] Geomag E-Motion Power Spin Magnetic Construction Set – 38pc


Geomag is the original patented magnetic construction toy that enables you to build fantastic models.

The 38 piece E-Motion Power Spin Set lets you build fun creations in motion – giving life to surprising optical effects.

This line has special accessories and instructions to create spinning tops and many dynamic constructions. 

A great building set for ages three and up.

What's in the box?

  • 5 x light green magnetic rods
  • 5 x yellow transparent magnetic rods
  • 14 x non-magnetic spheres
  • 5 x transparent triangle panel
  • 5 x small green triangle panels
  • 1 x yellow transparent pentagon platform
  • 1 x yellow transparent square platform
  • 2 x graphic discs