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[FUGGLER] Fuggler Funny Ugly Monster - Laboratory Misfits Wide Eyed Weirdo (Black) Soft Toy - 22cm

$19.90 Regular price $24.90

Buyers beware: the 22cm Laboratory Misfit Fugglers are funny-ugly monsters that will ruin your life and warm your heart with their mischievous antics and straight-up bonkers appearance.

Our world leading Fuggler research lab attempted to tame some Fugglers with some harmless experimentation, but one little experiment went a bit wrong and the Fugglers saw their chance for escape (I don't know why we bother). These mischievous Fugglers broke out of their test tubes, made a mess everywhere and escaped from the lab. Now they're wreaking havoc everywhere they go and creating even more of a mess than normal with their wacky colours and weird markings.

Wide Eyed Weirdo jumped into a giant vat full of blue smoke and has unfortunately looked like that ever since. This Fuggler has green squinting eyes and a row of human-like teeth bared to any onlooker. You can recognise these creepy creatures with their signature BUTT-on hole, human-like teeth, vacant eyes and disturbing demeanour.

Take a hot second to consider why you are actively sabotaging your own happiness. If you still think it’s a good idea to adopt a Fuggler (don’t say we didn’t warn you), then make sure you choose wisely. If you do find one that repulses you less than the others, be quick as you may never get a chance to adopt that Fuggler again.

Be sure to choose wisely and pick the Fuggler that repulses you the least… or most – we won’t judge your lifestyle choices.