[FUGGLER] Fuggler - Budgie Fuggler Rabid Rabbit (Tiger) Soft Toy

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Buyers beware: adopting a 22cm Fuggler is not for the faint of heart!

These Budgie Fuggler Edition monsters are causing havoc again, and this time they are doing it pants! Yes, their cute and colourful undies are fun, but these monsters are out to ruin your life and make mischief wherever they go.

Super collectable, this mesmerising tiger-print Rabid Rabbit is dressed to impress in crazy cow print pants! Between its fur and pants, your eyes are sure to be transfixed. But don’t stay in a daze too long as otherwise this Fuggler will start misbehaving.

Each badly behaved Fuggler is totally unique with colourful underpants and a BUTTon hole, located exactly where you think a BUTTon hole would be. Why don’t you see if you can collect them all and bring the whole gang together for a totally weird adventure? Don’t underestimate them though, adopting a Fuggler is at your own risk.

Addo Play has entered into a multiyear agreement with Spin Master, to license and manufacture the Fugglers™ brand