[ELC] Early Learning Centre Monkey Business

take turns to add cheeky monkeys until they all fall down! Monkey Business is great game for all the family to play

features & benefits
  • monkey business game is a fun family game
  • take turns to hang cheeky monkeys on the tree
  • the game's over when the tree falls down
  • enjoy counting the monkeys too
  • pack contents: 1 x game base with spinner, 1 x tree trunk, 1 x leaf canopy, 32 x monkeys, 4 x gorillas
  • Suitable for age: 3-8 years

whats in the box
  • 1x unit of product

Monkey business is fun game where players take turns to hang cheeky monkeys or gorillas on the tree.
Each player spins the dial to see how many monkeys (or big gorillas) to add.
Players can add more and more until all the monkeys fall down into the crocodile swamp! You can hang monkeys by their arms, legs or tails, and count them up to see how many were on the tree.
For older children, divide the monkeys by colour, so each player has different coloured monkeys.
Once the tree falls, you count the monkeys each player had on the tree, and the one with the most wins!