[BAKUGAN] Bakugan Training Set with Titanium Dragonoid Figure


Customise and enhance your Bakugan battle with the Bakugan Training Set with Titanium Dragonoid Figure.

This playset and Bakugan are themed based on different Clans from the show. Recreate your own battles and obstacles with the spring-loaded paddle, 3 totems and the wall piece for unique gameplay every time.

Drop, roll and hold your Bakugan on this playset and contain the action with the wall piece. Land your Bakugan on the Gate Card for iconic pop-open transformations. Enter the battle with the included Clan Flags to represent your Bakugan.

Use the Character Cards for new stats to level up your gameplay. Each Bakugan figure includes a special code to use in the online game, Roblox, for new ways to play and interact. Combine with multiple Training Sets or the Battle Arena to create bigger brawls (sold separately).

Product features:

  • Includes 1 x Training Set, 1 x Core Bakugan figure, 3 x Clan Flags, 1 x Character Card, 2 x Gate Cards, 3 x Sparring Totems, 1 x Bakugan Totem and 1 x Wall Piece
  • Decorate your training set with Clan Flags
  • Drop, roll and hold your Bakugan on your playset with the spring-loaded paddle
  • Combine this playset with other Bakugan Training Sets (sold separately)
  • Approximate Dimensions: 17 x 8 x 26 cm
  • Suitable for ages 6 years +