[BAKUGAN] Bakugan Battle Brawlers Card Collection



  • Collect Bakugan trading cards: Give your Bakugan a boost with the Battle Brawlers Card Collection with over 30 Bakugan trading cards included, one can access new action, evo, hero and flip cards

  • Add rare cards to collection: Take your Bakugan game to the next level with the rare cards included in your pack. Each pack will have two rare cards and at least one super rare, Awesome Rare or Bakugan Elite card

  • Find an exclusive collector card: Add a giant exclusive Collector Card to your Bakugan collection With 3 to collect, these cards are the ultimate find for any Bakugan fan

  • The Battle Brawlers Card Collection is a great gift for kids aged 6 and up. Roll into Baku-action with this trading card pack

  • Includes: 3 10-Card Booster Packs, 1 Exclusive Giant Collector Card, 2 Promotional BakuCores