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Addo Games Chess and Draughts Board Game

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Whether you checkmate your opponent’s King or remove all their draughtsmen from the board, you can have loads of fun with this classic strategy set of Chess & Draughts from Addo Games.

Both 2 player games, challenge your opponent to a game Chess, where the aim of the game is to capture your opponent’s King or make them surrender. Once you have reached the other side of the board and won the game, turn it over to compete again. To win Draughts, you must capture all your opponent’s game pieces!

This game is great fun for the whole family and is sure to make the perfect addition to the family games cupboard.

What's in the box?

  • 1x folded game board
  • 32x wooden chess pieces (16x dark brown, 16x white)
  • 30x draughts (15x black, 15x white)
  • Instruction sheet

Product features:

  • 2 player game
  • No batteries required
  • Product dimensions: approx. 36cm (H) x 36cm (W) x 1cm (D)
  • For ages 6 and over