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Tangled Jr Classic Fidget Toy (Assorted Color)

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Tangle Jr. Classic Assorted is so much fun to twist and turn, it's hard to put it down. This is the ultimate creativity tool for kids and adults alike. From the classroom to the boardroom and every place in between, the fun and creativity never stop when you've got a Tangle in your hand. It has a hard, smooth texture and bright solid colour sections. Translucent sections on select styles. It improves fine motor skills and is useful for hand & wrist therapy. Also benefits calm anxiety & relaxes the mind. Helps form healthy habits. A great way to keep hands busy and the brain focused. Encourages fine motor development and strength, tactile exploration, focus, creativity, and stress relief.

This comes in different colours/styles. Although you can't choose, we'll make sure we pick a great one for you.