[T RACERS] T-Racers Turbo Truck with Exclusive Racer

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The T-Racers Turbo Truck with Exclusive Racerwill blow your mind!

Check out your T-Racer vehicles in X-Racer’s Turbo Truck, he’s the coolest and most mysterious driver in Turbo City. Change the wheels, charge the vehicle, check the car is ready for the race. When it’s ready, put it in the launcher, fire… and compete. When you finish, put X-Racer in the driver cockpit, and win another circuit.

Product features:

  • Includes 1 Turbo Truck, 1 exclusive T-racer, 1 exclusive vehicle and 4 extra wheels.
  • X-Racer Turbo Truck has 6 play modes and comes with an Exclusive X-Racer car and extra wheels
  • Open your truck to service you Car - Check it, repair it, change the wheels, and speed test! Now you are ready to go!!
  • Close up your Truck and you have a fantastic Turbo Truck to transport you car and Driver to your next race.
  • Open your truck get ready to race! Set your car up and launch from the truck, Hit the launcher and GO!!
  • Can use any T-Racers car and driver in the launcher.
  • Want to change your driver or car parts! You can mix and race with any other T-Racers car and drivers. Over 500 combination of cars can be made!
  • Look out for the YouTube Channel to meet X-Racer and his car
  • Suitable for ages 3 years +