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[ELC] Early Learning Centre Sand - Purple 5Kg

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Add a extra fun to sand and water play with this coloured play sand. Perfect for use with sand pits and the ELC sand and water tables, this play sand has been specially washed and smoothed to ensure it is not scratchy to delicate skin and less irritating if your little one should get it in their eye whist having fun building and sculpting.

features & benefits
  • 5kg bag of coloured play sand
  • Make building sand castles and digging even more fun with this coloured sand
  • 20 kg of our play sand is recommended for use with our sand and water tables. And 10kg of sand for our first sand and water table (all sold separately)
  • Sand has rounded edges - non scratchy, gentle on young skin
  • Clean and non-toxic
  • Produced in the UK
  • Suitable for age: 18 months-8 years

whats in the box
  • 1x unit of product

Children can have endless fun building, sculpting and digging with the ELC coloured play sand.
It's ideal for using with sandpits, and the ELC sand and water table (both sold separately), and has been specially washed to smooth any rough edges so it is gentle on delicate skin and will not irritate eyes if some should get blown in on windy days or through enthusiastic play.
The play sand is clean, and non- toxic and produced in the UK.
We recommend between 10/20kg of sand to fill our sand and water table (or 10kg for the my first sand and water table).