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[ELC] Early Learning Centre Happyland Pet Center

lets help the animals get back to perfect health with the happyland pet care centre

features & benefits
  • wash the pet in the bath
  • take the pets to the vet in the ambulance
  • press buttons on the roof of the centre to hear 4 different sounds
  • features a clock with a moving hour hand
  • interactive toy with great imaginative play with friends
  • Suitable for age: 2-5 years

whats in the box
  • x1 unit of product

Put on the sirens nee naw and rush to the animal in need - pick up the dog and pop him in the back of the ambulance and take him back to the care centre with the bunny and cat! Fix him up and give him a nice long bath, not forgetting all the kisses, cuddles and rubs behind the ear! Little ones will love playing vets together which will help boost social and vocabulary skills.