[ELC] Early Learning Centre Big City Car Transporter With 3 Cars

a cool car transporter and three die-cast cars for driving adventures - start your engines!

features & benefits
  • set includes a car transporter and 3 3 die-cast cars
  • each vehicle features die-cast body with moulded underbody detailing
  • free-moving wheels for push-along fun
  • great to use with our other big city vehicles and play sets
  • Suitable for age: 3-6 years

whats in the box
  • 1 x car transporter
  • 3 x die cast cars

Highly detailed, this die-cast car transporter has a detachable cab, stabiliser legs and an easy load ramp and comes with three 3 die-cast metal cars.
Each vehicle features a high quality die-cast body shell, independent free moving wheels and moulded underbody detailing.
Lets load our vehicles onto the transporter.
We need to lower the legs to stabilise the truck then carefully drive our cars up onto the top level first.
When were fully loaded, hitch up the cab and were off! Perfect for the smallest drivers, these great vehicles will provide hours of racing and chasing fun.
While theyre having fun driving around they are also discovering how objects behave, how they move when theyre pushed gently and that they move faster on smooth ground.
Why not set up a race track and enjoy chasing around obstacles with a friend which is a fun way to build social and communication skills.